Willow & Bundle

First Impressions

I received the following email from Andrea based in West Sussex, who owns Willow and Bundle;


A) For sending the bridle so quickly – Looking forward to receiving the 2nd one!

B) For my first bitless horse!!!

As soon as the package arrived I shot out and rode Willow (the 8 year old). Rode her in the field for all of 5 minutes before venturing out on a hack. She was perfect from the first moment I sat on her – no teething troubles at all !!

Very windy here today – and haven’t ridden out by myself for weeks. So a good trial run! She seemed SO happy – no troubles with steering or stopping. She spooked a few times (normal), but was easier to keep straight and limit the spook than normal.

Bundle-1Since walk trot and canter all went well I took her into a friend’s sand school for a few minutes – the canter work (and especially the upward and downward transitions to canter) were fabulous – really smooth! Tried a small jump (1st time in months). She over jumped – I would have socked her in the teeth – but no problems this time of course! Came round again – jumped it confidently and perfectly – obviously not worried about my incompetence!

On the way home really opened her out down a canter track. Instead of the normal tug of war to slow down at the end I asked her to come back and she instantly slowed, dropped her head, rounded and came smoothly and beautifully back to trot! What can I say!

I grinned all the way round – and I think she did too!!

Even her trot seemed to show a better length of stride.

I KNOW the BB works for her – let’s hope dear old Bundle will like it as much tomorrow.

Many thanks again Krystyna ! Speak to you soon. Andrea”

The very next day ..

From a second email;

“Rode Bundle today and she was perfectly happy with it. I think Willow had told her something wasBundle-2 happening (don’t worry, other people have called me mad before!) – when I came out of the tack room with the BB she looked very suspicious and seemed anxious about me putting it on her which was a bit bizarre – she obviously knew something was different right from the start. However, once it was on she was perfectly happy 🙂

…… the noseband sat a bit too high (on the longest hole) and I think it would have worked even better lower. However, it all went very well – jumped her over 2’9″ (our usual max these days) – she usually tanks into fences and I was relieved to find I had more, rather than less, control!

Bundle-3I was even able to pull up in front of the fence – and what a great feeling to know that I was not inflicting any pain!

I felt totally confident – even riding along a busy A road – she was calm and un spooky. She was stronger than Willow in it (Willow is much more slightly built) – but then I guess it might take a little while to teach an old dog new tricks – she has a huge front and neck on her but now she won’t have any discomfort in front I think she may well give up the habit of being a bit strong!”  Willow-and-Bundle-1