Thinking Aloud

What has happened to our jumping style over the years? I refer to the position of the hands here. I look at photos and see hands pulled back into the rider’s body restricting the horse; the ‘chicken wing’ effect, where the rider’s elbows are lifted up but there is no ‘give’ with the hands again restricting the horse.

Look back at photos of Federico Caprilli – the father of the forward seat and jumping style. He gave with his hands and did not interfere with the horse over the jump.


I have recently discovered my insurance company will only cover my ponies when ridden in the Bitless Bridle as long as it is not on the road. They do not seem to appreciate I have complete control in the BB, I assume they are not aware of Dr. Cook’s research and need to have their eye’s opened. Needless to say I have changed. Make sure your insurance company covers you to use a bitless bridle on the road some do not.

The highway codes states the following;

Before you take a horse on to a road, you should

ensure all tack fits well and is in good condition
make sure you can control the horse
Always ride with other, less nervous horses if you think that your horse will be nervous of traffic. Never ride a horse without both a saddle and bridle.