Seminars are an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge and gain an understanding into the fundamentals of Dr Cook’s research. The atmosphere is informal and much discussion is encouraged.  An ideal social occasion for Riding clubs and Equestrian centres.

 Theory Session

1. Introduction
2. Respiration
3. Nutritional Process
4. Movement at Liberty
5. History and Use of the Bit
6. The metal bit and the sensitive equine mouth
7. The Bitless Bridle – what is it ?

Practical Session

1.  Basic Horse behaviour
2. Groundwork
3. Using the Bitless Bridles™
A full range of Bitless Bridles™ and reins are available to view and purchase at these events.

If you are in the Hampshire / Surrey /Sussex / Kent area and would like to attend or host a seminar contact me for further information:  Mobile:  07792 778064 or Email me.