What is CAMCARB ?; It stands for CAMpaign for the right to Compete And Ride Bitless. This is just an idea at the moment. I have perused through a few forums (a lot actually) and have noticed that there are some members of the ‘Bitless Brigade’ who would love to be able to compete in certain disciplines and feel very frustrated that they cannot due to rules, which dictate which bits can be used and when.

The disciplines which seem to have these constraints on using bitless bridles are driving, dressage and showing. If any of you have suggestions how we can persuade the governing bodies to amend these rules in our favour, the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) springs to mind here, please contact me and I will post them here.

Of course this process is going to be a lengthy task. So in the meantime I suggest we could try to organize our own competitions. A little ambitious you say but, hey, the Goodwood Dressage Championships had very simple beginnings.

Click on CAMCARB to read my blog. I intend to add some letter template soon so we can start to petition the appropriate governing bodies. Editorial contributions are most welcome.