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For a long time bitless bridles have had an undeserved reputation as being a last resort. This extract form the bitless bridles section in a book on Bits and Bridles proves my point;

“……useful for horses who cannot wear a bit, perhaps because of discomfort or malformation of the mouth or jaw”

This is correct because the horse is suffering discomfort from the use of a bit, a bitless bridle is indeed “useful”, except I would replace ‘cannot’ with ‘should not’. People do seem to think there is something really wrong with your horse if you use one. You are considered to be peculiar, it just isn’t cool.

Our horses do not have severe mouth problems, which render the use of a bit impossible; we have chosen to dispose of the Bronze Age method of control. We are not using a bitless bridle as a last resort rather a first choice.

Our horses are able to compete to a high standard in all disciplines, where there are no constraints for bitless bridles.

Our horses can be trained to attain the desired classical shape and be ‘on the bridle’.

We communicate with our horses in an effective and humane way. Our horse is free from fear, listens more attentively, breathes more freely, and moves more gracefully.

Our horses are calmer and less spooky. Our communication with them is enhanced, trust is established, performance is improved, and harmony achieved. Riding and driving becomes simpler, safer and more satisfying. No more Dutch courage or herbal remedies to calm our nerves before we go out for a ride, we can relax with our horses and enjoy ourselves and allow our horses to enjoy themselves.

Give your horse a chance and make an informed choice when selecting a communication tool for your horse. Read some of the articles written by Dr.Cook and try to understand the breathing and feeding mechanism of the horse.

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