This site aims to enlighten visitors about the benefits of riding bitless. Whether you use Dr Cook’s Bitless Bridle ™, Monty Roberts’ Dually™ halter, a hackamore, scawbrig, bosal or sidepull or any other no bit bridle, we have come to recognise that riding or driving our equines in a bit causes pain and discomfort, affects breathing and subsequently their welfare, performance and our safety.

Swift_BB_Head2We may use a bitless bridle and treeless saddle, our horses may be barefoot but we still take our equitation skills and safety seriously. We employ a mindful approach to riding and equine management. We prefer to ride, drive and train without the use of training aids.

We believe to achieve optimal harmony when riding your horse, pony or donkey, a sound communication method is best employed. It should be humane, effective and compatible with the physiology of the ridden animal, free from undesirable side effects. The Bitless Bridle fits these criteria and can easily be used by a rider of any age and skill level on a horse of any age, temperament and level of training.

Liberate Yourself And Your Horse

This new Dr Cook’s Bitless Bridle permits freedom of the neck which is so essential for any athlete. The neck of a horse that leans on the bit tends to be tight and rigid. Stiffness of gait follows and the power, grace and rhythm of a horse’s natural movement is forfeited.

Because your horse is not so flexed at the poll, which obstructs the airway at the throat, and because it is not retracting its tongue behind the bit, which causes the soft palate to rise and further obstruct the airway, your horse obtains more oxygen and, therefore, has more energy. Because it no longer “fights the bit” it wastes less energy and has more for performance.

Out Of The Closet

The time has come for us to come out of hiding, hold ourselves tall, smile and confidently say “I ride my horse in a Bitless Bridle”. Our horses don’t have severe mouth problems, which render the use of a bit impossible, as is sometimes believed to be the case. We have chosen to dispose of this Bronze Age method of control. We are not using a Bitless Bridle as a last resort, rather as an informed choice.
Dr Cook’s Bitless Bridle compliments the holistic method of equine management and training.

Bitless Bridle Associate Clinician

I am delighted to have been appointed by Dr Cook as a UK Bitless Bridle Associate Clinician (BBAC). I aspire to raise awareness of the effects a bit can have on the breathing and eating systems of the horse. To enable us, with enhanced knowledge to make an informed choice when selecting a method to communicate with our horse.



Rule confusion

British Eventing amends it’s rule book after confusion at an event  on 20 July at Aston-le-Walls and Ascott-under-Wychwood on 2 June .  Now Bitless bridles are allowed says British Eventing, click here for more details.  

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